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Why the Girl Who HATES To Sweat Will Always LOVE Hot Yoga

I hate exercise.  I mean, I HATE it.  I’m  a total couch potato.  Always have been, from when I was very young I remember being happiest while sitting on my ass.  I have no idea why that’s the case – and I’ve spent a large chunk of my life and my energy over the years hating myself for it.

Not very useful.

I love food.  Naturally, “I hate exercise” + “I love food” = “I am fat”.

Being fat makes you hate exercise even more.  It’s harder.  It’s more tiring.  You sweat more (and sweet baby Jesus, do I HATE to sweat!).  Overall, it can be very embarrassing, depending on your mindset.  I’ve finally joined the “I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, I’m doing whatever the hell I want” mindset.

Very liberating.

Now, back during my “hating myself for not being more into exercise” days, I read an article about yoga and decided to give it a try, thinking that perhaps something a bit more zen would break my long-standing hate-affair with working out.  Who couldn’t use a mind-body connection, right?  I was ready to emerge from class wonderfully relaxed, limber, and blissful.

Yeah, not so much.

It TOTALLY kicked my ass.  I sweated like mad (no one else seemed to),  I was completely exhausted and was in pain for the better part of a week.  Inner peace my ass!

So, I avoided it like the plague for a good 10+ years, regaling everyone who said the word “yoga” in my presence with my cautionary tale of “don’t be fooled.”

Then, early in 2013, I decided I needed to do something radical to get into shape, so I made a public commitment on my Facebook page to do 30 days straight of yoga.

Hot yoga.


Firewall” by Eric E Castro is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Because even though I was still terrified from my previous experience, yoga was the only kind of exercise that didn’t bore my MIND to tears.

And, when you’ve got 100+ lbs. to lose, you’ve gotta crank it up a notch or two, somehow.

So, hot yoga.

An online research frenzy led me to choose CorePower Yoga’s Wilshire studio, just a few blocks from my house at the time.  I loved the studio and the staff, right from the start.  After surviving my first class in surprisingly good form (I didn’t realize at the time that the heat actually makes it easier in many ways – warm muscles stretch more readily), I was hooked!

As 30 days approached, I decided to extend it to 40 days.

After 40 days, I still kept going most every day, committing to 5 – 6 classes a week.  For the first time in my life, exercise felt easy to fit in (even if it involved awaking in the 5am hour – previously unheard of in my world).  Not only did I not dread it – wait for it…I looked forward to it.   I felt great, my body was changing in AWESOME ways,  and I was surprising myself with my growing physical strength, balance and flexibility .  For once my fitness life was getting goooood, and it was because of yoga.  And even though I still loathed getting sweaty, in general – I loooooved sweating from hot yoga.  Something about the heat and the healing poses combined just removed that mental block against sweaty.  It was the ultimate detoxification, rejuvenation.   I was in love with it.

Wow…this is getting long, and I’m only halfway through the story.  Before I knock you out faster than a long shavasana after a challenging practice, let’s leave it at this:

Stay tuned to find out how what happened during a hot date derailed my hot yoga practice.   🙂



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