Introducing Cool Yoga T-Shirts to Support a GREAT Cause!


Recently we learned about the efforts of the Africa Yoga Project, who works tirelessly in uniting gifted volunteers from around the world to help deliver the healing and empowering gifts of yoga to East Africa.  We were greatly moved by their mission and wanted to support them, so we teamed up with our sister company, MyCoolTShirts.com, and came up with these fun yoga t-shirts.  Half of profits from these shirts will go to help support this amazing organization!

Here are the shirts, you can click on the images to view and reserve yours today – they’re only available until June 16th!

"I got your drishti RIGHT HERE" tee

“I got your drishti RIGHT HERE” tee

"Namaste" yoga tee

“Namaste” yoga tee

"I love getting bent out of shape" tee

“I love getting bent out of shape” tee

Please be sure to “Share” these shirts with friends if you like them!  We’d love to hit our goals so the shirts get printed and this wonderful org gets the support it needs ❤

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Hello, world – Namaste!

We are SO excited to launch this blog and to get started on our path to inform and inspire yogis the world over to achieve their most powerful and joyful #yoga practice.

How will we do this?

First, we’ll launch this blog which will feature posts from me (Lori) – as well as lots of guest posts from #yoga teachers and enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Then, we’ll create a vibrant online Community where yogis can gather and discuss their love of yoga, challenges, tips, etc.

While all of this is happening, we’ll be hard at work behind the scenes on several lines of products which will help yogis thrive in their practice.

Stay tuned for great content, an exciting, engaging Community and much more from Yoga Edge!



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